Stormwater refers to the water collected in a drain from the rain falling on roof or driveway in a home or building. It is a carrier of soil, leaves from the roof, oil residue from the driveway, fertilisers from land and other debris. These can block the drainage system affecting its performance.

Stormwater Solutions are experts in installation and repair of stormwater drainage systems in Adelaide. Quality drainage system with prompt service is our promise to you! We abide by sincere work ethics and strive to deliver quality workmanship and exceptional service in each of our projects. Once finished with the job, we even clean and tidy up the place so that you don’t have to worry about it!

Our Stormwater Drainage Services include:

  • Installation of new stormwater drainage systems
  • Redesigning of existing systems to suit customers’ requirements
  • Tank loop connection points
  • Laying of blue line for tank pumps
  • Installation of pumping stations
  • Sump and grate placement for future concreting or paving
  • Grated strip drains
  • Connection of new verandahs and sheds to existing drainage systems
  • In-ground and above-ground detention and retention tanks and systems
  • Soakage systems tank connections
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Tank connections
Installation of new stormwater drainage systems

If you are looking for a stormwater drainage system for your new home or want to get a detention tank for your existing building, give us a call today. We will install the stormwater drainage system so that it camouflages with the landscape of your home instead of standing out as an eyesore.

Tank loop connection points

It is not sufficient to just have a stormwater detention tank installed. It is vital to have the tank connected to a treatment option like the rainwater tank to complete the loop.

Installation of pumping stations

At Stormwater Solutions, we have a wide range of stormwater pump stations and tank in a variety of sizes, material and dimensions to suit any specific requirement our customers may have.

Sump & grate placement for future concreting & paving

We install the stormwater sump and place the grate at a location suitable for any concrete or paving work you may decide to get done in the future.

Grated strip drains

Stormwater Solutions stock and install grated strip drains that are available in different sizes and slopes to suit different applications. Grated strip drains have use majorly in industrial and commercial buildings like airport tarmacs and streetscapes.

Connection of new verandahs & sheds to existing drainage systems

If you have got your backyard landscaped or added a new shed to it, you may want to get it connected to your existing stormwater drainage system. Stormwater Solutions offer professional services for linking your drainage system to the new landscape, verandah, pergola or shed.

In-ground and above-ground detention & retention tanks and systems

Whether you are looking to get an in-ground stormwater detention tank or an above-ground water retention tank, Stormwater Solutions has you covered! A detention tank is different from a retention tank as it comes equipped with a valve for slowly releasing the water over a staggered period of time.

Soakage systems tank connections

The water from stormwater tank is disposed off into subsurface soakage systems. We install and connect the detention tanks to soakage systems for on-site disposal of collected stormwater.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater falling on the roof and other surfaces is often collected in a rainwater tank for later use. Rainwater is suitable for all non-drinking purposes. Stormwater Solutions stock and install rainwater tanks in a vast range of sizes to suit all your requirements.


For an efficiently running drainage system, it is essential that it is professionally cleaned and serviced at regular intervals. Stormwater Solutions are licensed drainage specialists catering to the whole range of drainage services including sump pump installation, sealed water lines, surface water lines, unblocking of clogged drains and new stormwater system installations.

Our team is well acquainted with South Australian government guidelines and requisite council approvals, and can guide you about the right drainage system for your home or building.


Installing a stormwater drainage system requires an extensive knowledge of and right skill set to determine the accurate depth and angle of the drain, besides the right size of the pipe, so as to allow fast and efficient drainage. Stormwater Solutions can professionally install these drainage systems to ensure the water is drained in designated collection points in your building.

Leak Detection & Repairs

All our drainage system installations come with after-care service packages for the repair and maintenance of leaks in the system. With the help of latest technology and modern equipment like laser levels and advanced leak detectors, we can promptly detect leaks and repair them without hampering your day-to-day schedules.


Our many years of experience in the drainage industry have made us strong advocates of the age old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’!  Needless to say, preventive maintenance is the key to retaining the performance of any system or equipment at optimum level. Same is true for the drainage systems as well.

Tree roots, dry leaves, oil resides and other debris can wreak havoc with the functioning of your stormwater drainage system. At Stormwater Solutions, our drainage experts can inspect and identify these potential threats in time before they assume alarming proportions.

We have all the modern equipment and tools of trade like electric drain cleaners and hydro jets that can go in corners most traditional equipment can’t touch. This enables us to resolve almost all types of drain blockages.

Tank Requirements

A stormwater detention tank acts like a storage unit for stormwater and slows down its release from your home or building. SA government guidelines require the stormwater tanks to remain empty except during when it rains or is predicted to rain. A standard stormwater detention tank has a 90 mm outlet coupled with an opening for inspection and a 30 mm outlet restriction orifice.

Stormwater Solutions specialise in installation of stormwater detention tanks and pumping pits. If you are looking for a professional and reliable stormwater tank contractor who is aware of the government and council guidelines, call Stormwater Solutions today for a free no-obligation quote.

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