A stormwater drain blockage warrants immediate attention. Instead of trying to unclog the drain yourself, it is advisable to get professional help. Call Stormwater Solutions today and benefit from our:

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Fully Equipped

At Stormwater Solutions, we are well equipped with the latest technology and machinery for installation, repair and maintenance of storm water drainage systems. From hydrojet cleaning, to CCTV cameras for inspection, to relining of the pipes – we have all the fancy gadgets for reaching the remotest corner of your drainage system, detecting and repairing leaks.

Our Plumbing Services

Stormwater Solutions is your one-stop shop for all plumbing needs related to your stormwater drainage system. It is needless to say that an efficiently performing stormwater system is essential for preventing water seepage from damaging the structural integrity of your home. We cater to the whole range of stormwater services, besides general plumbing, including:

Installation of pre-cast stormwater sumps

Pre-cast sumps come pre-formed, thereby, enabling knocking out of the penetrations at the designated locations. Depth of the sump can be customised as per requirement.

Unclogging of blocked drains

Blocked stormwater drains are a safety hazard. Given their complicated nature, it is advisable to leave the unclogging task in expert hands. Stormwater Solutions also offer hydrojet cleaning to reach even the remote areas.

Installation of stormwater detention tanks & pressure pumps

A stormwater detention tank is different from a water retention tank as it comes fitted with a valve for slow release of water over a phased period of time. Stormwater Solutions stock and install all types of stormwater submersible pumps – from closed impellers to vortex impellers.

Repair of leaking drains & burst pipes

We have the tools available to repair leaking stormwater drains without digging. If you suspect a leak, don’t leave it unchecked as it can dampen the structural stability of your building. Get our experts to assess and repair the leak today.

Installation of gross pollutant traps

Stormwater Solutions install gross pollutant traps in stormwater drains to filter the pollutants and debris before they enter the waterway.


From general pluming maintenance to leak detection, backflow testing and installation of taps, water pipes, toilets and vanities – Stormwater Solutions is your one-stop shop for all plumbing needs.

24x7 Plumbing

We cater to 24×7 emergency plumbing services. If you have a broken pipe or a leaking tap disturbing your family’s peaceful sleep, give Stormwater Solutions a call for an immediate fix – even if its in the middle of the night!

Commercial Plumbing

Stormwater Solutions are licensed plumbers with rich experience in commercial plumbing including work at developmental sites, maintenance work and property inspections.

Blocked Toilets

If you have a toilet that is draining at a slow pace, is overflowing or is not draining at all, most likely you have a blocked drain. Stormwater Solutions offer prompt unclogging service for blocked toilets.

Pipe Laying & Relining

Laying down of drainage pipes and re-lining of these pipes is a complex job. It is advisable to get professional help instead of doing this yourself. Stormwater Solutions’ team of expert plumbers are skilled at assessing the depth and width requirements while laying down the pipes to ensure maximum water flow.

Backflow Maintenance & Installation

SA government guidelines mandate regular testing of backflow. Stormwater Solutions are licensed to test backflow valves and provide a report for submission to the authorities. We also stock and install backflow valves, valve covers as well as valve cages to suit all pipe sizes.

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