Most South Australian homes are built on sloping terrains. A retaining wall helps level such terrains while at the same time adding stability to the structure. Furthermore, it adds significantly to the aesthetic look of your home. If you are looking at adding an eye-catching feature element to the entrance of your home or want to create some extra functional space, retaining wall is the way to go!

Comprehensive Services – From Design to Construction

Stormwater Solutions are licensed contractors for building retaining walls. Though we can build them upto any height, certain types and heights of retaining wall will require special council approvals. Our expert team of designers and tradespeople can guide you with the nitty gritty of the process.

Types of Retaining Walls

If you are a novice to the world of construction and home building, the umpteen types of retaining walls available can confuse you. Read on to know more about the different types of retaining walls we can create for your dream home.

Concrete Sleeper

Concrete sleeper retaining walls provide great structural stability to while adding a visual charm at the same time. We can build concrete sleepers in any color, pattern or style to match that of your home.


Stormwater Solutions build block retaining walls on a concrete footing securing the wall and minimizing movement. The advantage of these walls is that they can be flexibly incorporated into the landscape of your home. The block retaining wall can even be built around the water feature in your backyard. Furthermore, we can also match the color of the block with the color of your pavement.

Moss Rock

Moss rock retaining walls are fabricated from individual blocks of rocks. Suitable for natural looking landscapes that are simple and pleasing to the eye, moss rock designs can even be merged with your existing landscape designs.

Structural Textured

Structured textured or rendered retaining walls are fabricated from solid bricks and then textured with a coating of render. Stormwater Solutions’ textured retaining walls can be matched in color to your landscape, have a modern finish and come with our promise of quality.


A beautiful landscape is incomplete without a solid fence. At Stormwater Solutions, we provide fencing solutions to perfectly align with the landscape designs of your dreams. We stock and use the best quality Colorbond steel fence which comes in a vast range of colors. From good neighbor fences to automated security door fences – we can install it all. Colorbond is high-grade Australian made steel that has been tested to withstand the harsh South Australian climate. So your fence will last longer without the hassle of frequent repairs!

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