Are you building a new house?

Have you taken care of your stormwater drainage system?

When undertaking a new construction, majority of the people get stormwater drainage installed first. However, it is recommended to get earthmoving and soil removal done before stormwater. This serves multiple purposes. Firstly, if you intend to have a landscaped garden or backyard later, earthmoving is a pre-requisite. Secondly, if the stormwater drain is not dug deep enough, you might have to get it done again for landscaping.

Professional Earthmoving

Earthmoving refers to the excavation of soil to a specified depth below the damp surface of earth to prepare the ground for concrete laying or paving. Stormwater Solutions provide expert earthmoving services across Adelaide and regional SA. We are fully equipped with the modern tools of trade including bobcats, mini trucks, excavators, trailers and mini excavators. Since we don’t have to rent or hire machinery from external contractors, we are able to pass on the cost benefits to our customers.

Our Landscaping Services

From landscape design consultations to putting it all together – Stormwater Solutions is your one-stop shop for all landscaping needs. Not only can we design a landscape best suited to the soil and gradient in your home, we can even style it to match the color and flow of your home. Whether you want water features included or a retaining wall done, whether it is pergolas that catch your fancy or stunning light features – we can design and install them all for you!

When Do You Need Earthmoving?

You need earthmoving and soil removal to prepare the site for:

  • Concrete laying : We provide earthmoving services for all concrete laying activities including preparation of the ground, concrete excavation and laying of new concrete.
  • Paving : We have rich experience in earthmoving for paving. Our experts can even advise you about the many styles and paver designs to suit the overall flow of your home.
  • Installation of retaining walls : Stormwater Solutions can design and install retaining walls in different material like stone or mortar. Retaining walls are a cheap, low-maintenance, aesthetic way of adding structural stability to your backyard or landscape.
  • Fencing : We install sturdy fences made from high-grade Australian Colorbond steel to withstand the South Australian climate. You can choose from different color options to match the color of the landscape.
  • Landscaping : Earthmoving plays a vital role in any landscaping job and Stormwater Solutions are the experts at it! Our earthmoving experts have years of experience in the industry and know the intricacies involved in excavating for laying the landscape. When you choose us for your earthmoving and landscaping job, you can rest assured of getting a professional service that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Our Earthmoving Services

Stormwater Solutions are expert earthmovers and soil removers offering the whole range of related services including:

  • Site cuts : We specialise in site cuts and excavations for construction of a new building, home or a shed. Our skilled tradespeople and assortment of modern equipment allows us to deliver high-quality site cuts within your budget and time requirements.
  • Clearing of blocks : Blocks of land need to be cleared to allow for laying the foundation of a new building. Stormwater Solutions are equipped with mini excavators and bobcats for block clearing at any site and surface.
  • Earthmoving in tight-access locations : Our mini excavators are perfect for executing earthmoving jobs in those locations where access is limited or tightly-spaced. These excavators come equipped with rubber tracks to protect surfaces as well as reduce noise.
  • Trenching : We offer trenching services for laying of electrical cables, pipes as well as drainage systems.
  • Laser level : Stormwater Solutions use the laser level tools for earthmoving. These tools are designed ease the control of elevation and vertical alignment in tough terrains.

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